More of Lindsay Lohan's Famous Lovers Revealed -- One Will Shock You!

lindsay lohanAbout a week ago, In Touch published a list of famous men Lindsay Lohan supposedly slept with. The list, which was reportedly written by Lindsay herself as a joke to friends (then tossed aside in a hotel room -- bad idea), boasts an, er, impressive amount of A-list guys. Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, and James Franco were just a few of the dudes on there. The problem with the list, though? A lot of the names were blurred out. Oh, come on, like you don't want to know! If a rag mag is going to publish a list, publish the whole thing, for cryin' out loud.

Anyway, In Touch has now unblurred more of the names, and I've gotta say, I honest-to-goodness am shocked by one of the (A-list) men who's on there.


New names that have been released are Ashton Kutcher (totally not shocking); Ryan Phillippe (totally not shocking); and Orlando Bloom (whaaaa?). I don't know why, but Orlando -- who Lohan lists as "Orli" -- is surprising to me. He seems like such a nice, normal, non-Hollywood guy. Well, save for the rumor that he cheated on his ex-wife with his Broadway co-star -- okay, fine, I guess he's not all that surprising either. Other dudes Lindsay's slept with that we didn't know about? Benicio Del Toro, Stavros Niarchos, hockey player Aaron Voros, and model Petey Wright.

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As you may suspect, a good chunk of the world is having a field day with this list, at Lindsay's expense, calling her various renditions of the s-word. I, personally, wouldn't condone this kind of behavior, but come on, people. Imagine George Clooney released such a list. People would be back-slapping him as if he were a war hero.

My only concern is that all of these people used protection, as it sounds like every single one of them gets around. As fascinating as this list is, I can't help but think, "Man. Sounds like a big ol' STD fest up in there." Wonder if we'll ever get to see the rest ...

Are you surprised by any of Lindsay's partners? Who surprised you the most?


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