Kristen Stewart Hints at the Birthday Wish She Wants From Robert Pattinson

Straight on the heels of the news that Kristen Stewart wants ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson to attend her 24th birthday party, we're learning that the actress has something specifically in mind for what she wants as a present.

KStew wants Rob to help her find a new rescue pooch to join Baily, Bear, and Bernie. After the couple split, Rob ended up with custody of their dogs Bear and Bernie, and Kristen rescued a new pup named Baily. She has ended up with all three while Rob films on location, and apparently she's looking to add another furbaby to the family.


And she's been hinting around to Rob that she wouldn't mind if he picked out a new dog for her.

“Kristen asked Rob what his thoughts were about her adopting another dog for her birthday,” a friend of Kristen’s snitched. ”Kind of like a gift for her and Bailey, cause Bailey wants a friend. She’s been like, if you see a rescue dog in Toronto and you think the dog would be a good match, adopt him and bring him back to LA.”

You know what this means, right? Clearly she wants to have his babies. Just because they're broken up doesn't mean we can't imagine what pretty little babies they'd have together -- and hopefully not one named Renesmee.

Do you think Rob should get Kristen another dog for her birthday?

Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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