Khloe Kardashian Looks Happier Than Ever Despite Sad Words About Divorce

Khloe KardashianIt takes a lot longer to fall out of love than to fall in it. And Khloe Kardashian, who knew Lamar Odom a mere four weeks before getting married, is discovering that. While the two filed months ago, the couple have to wait at least six months before their divorce is finalized, per California law. I suppose that is to make couples think carefully about what they are doing and give them time to change their minds. As Khloe told an Australian morning show:

It's definitely not anything I'm through. I'm going through it, but I'm not through it.


Of course, she was probably talking more than just legally. Emotionally, I doubt she's "through it" even though the marriage had been falling apart for awhile before she filed.

Given that Khloe has supposedly just called Lamar to offer him some words of support after he was forced to quit his Spanish basketball team, she still cares a great deal for her ex.

That doesn't mean she's wallowing though. Judging by her Instagram photos -- especially ones she just put up -- she is happier than ever. But you never know what lies behind a smile.

My guess is in some ways she is glad the marriage, and all of its resultant stresses and frustrations and pains, is over. But in other ways, she remains deeply devastated at how everything turned out. And, who knows, given that Lamar is back in the U.S. and the divorce isn't finalized yet ... well, let's not go there!

Do you think the two will reconcile?


Image via Instagram

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