Kate Middleton's Touching Surprise Leaves Town 'Gobsmacked'

Kate MiddletonWe all know that Prince William and Duchess Kate are nice, good-hearted, stable, kind people -- but maybe we didn't know quite HOW good they are. A reminder of that came this week when the royal pair donated $8,000 of their own money to flood victims in Wales.


A Welsh town has been hit by sudden and freak floods. The couple, who have deep ties to Wales -- they lived there for years in a farmhouse in the hamlet of Bodorgan on the Isle of Anglesey -- decided to dig into their own pockets for the displaced people of the town of Ryhl.

A letter from Kensington Palace reads:

The Duke and Duchess realise that it is a long, slow and painful process for the many people displaced from their homes. As as a token of their support, and to show the people of Rhyl that they are in their thoughts, Their Royal Highnesses would like to make a personal donation to your Rhyl Town Mayor's Flood Appeal.

The mayor called the donation from Kate and Wills "a lovely and welcome surprise" and said he was "gobsmacked."

While $8,000 may seem a pittance to what the couple are worth, the town already had money for the victims, which reportedly numbered 130 townsfolk, and a buck (or pound) probably goes further there than in, say, New York City. Hey, it was something at least. I'm sure this isn't the only donation they will make this year!

Do you think they donated enough?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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