Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Could Reunite for Very Special Occasion

Robert PattinsonCould Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart be reuniting again very soon and for a very special occasion? At least one friend thinks so. Despite the fact that KStew and Rob haven't seen each other "for the longest time," a pal tells HollywoodLife that the two are constantly in touch -- and that Kristen only wants one thing for her upcoming 24th birthday. For Rob to join her!


The blabby friend says:

Even though she hasn’t seen Rob for the longest time, they still talk all the time. They text, Skype. They are both pretty much in the same place right now, just focusing on work and staying focused.

But Kristen has her mind on RPattz joining her for what is to be a small and intimate birthday party for her upcoming April 9 celebration. And apparently there's no chance that Rob would show up with some other girl because the friend says:

Neither of them are dating. Things are good between them and it would so make Kristen’s birthday if he joined her. That would be the ultimate birthday gift for her.

Hmm. Despite rumors that Rob is currently FWB with Katy Perry, sounds like he and Kristen are still carrying the torch. If they are truly still in touch, seems unlikely he would blow off her birthday. Could this be the thing that brings them together again? We shall see. That would be quite a birthday gift for KStew -- and for Twihards!

Do you think he'll come to KStew's birthday?


Image via GVK/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

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