Prince William Knights an Important Man in Kate Middleton's Life

Prince GeorgePrince William bestowed a special honor upon the royal gynecologist on Tuesday. The Duke of Cambridge officially knighted Dr. Marcus Setchell for his years of medical service to the Queen, his lovely bride Duchess Catherine, and a handful of other female members of the House of Windsor. 

Dr. Setchel Sir Marcus was given the honor of knight commander at Buckingham Palace. Prince William used the ceremonial sword in what was no doubt an act of true gratitude for the doctor's service to his wife and son.


The good doctor helped Kate Middleton get through her horrendous morning sickness in the early stages of her pregnancy, and last July, he delivered a new heir to the throne -- adorable little Prince George!

Kate didn't get to use the ceremonial sword to say thank you to Dr. Setchell (I blame sexism, of course), but she did show her gratitude earlier this month when she attended Sir Marcus' leaving lunch.

After the knighting ceremony, Prince William and Dr. Setchell "had a lively chat," but the physician didn't share very much with reporters what they talked about. He did describe Wills as a "proud father" who bragged on his 8-month-old son as a "bouncing baby."

Dr. Setchell actually put off retirement to deliver Prince George, an experience that he described as "lovely."

Do you think delivering a royal baby is worthy of knighthood?


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