'Mad Men' Season 7 Teasers Reveal Where Don Draper & Co. Are Headed

peggy don mad men season 7 promoMad Men season 7 begins in just a few short weeks (April 13!), so of course, AMC is at it again, stoking our appetites with awesome glimpses at what's to come for Don Draper & Co. And believe it or not, famously secretive creator Matthew Weiner himself is dishing and dropping hints to the press, too.

Here, seven of the most intriguing teasers we've heard so far that have us even more psyched for season 7 to "take off" ...

  1. All of the major characters from last season are back: This includes Megan (who, as of the end of season 6, didn't seem interested in putting up with hubs Don's crap any longer) and Pete (who we last saw fleeing to Sterling Cooper & Partners' new Los Angeles office).
  2. Don's going to have to face the facts of what happened last we saw him: "We're acknowledging what happened to Don at the end of last season," Weiner tells TV Guide. "That really did happen. He lost his job but also had a silent moment of reconciliation with his daughter. ... The consequences of that activity were kind of what we're writing about on some level. What part is irrevocable? Just because you feel different doesn't mean the world thinks you're different. And it's hard to prove that you changed or to know if you've really changed." 
  3. Even though this and the segment premiering in 2015 are technically both season 7, they'll stand apart in a way, as well: Weiner explains, "As we started working I realized, 'Oh, I need two finales and two premieres.' That's been a lot more work. But hopefully it satisfies the audience. I wanted to make sure episode 7 covers much ground and that episode 8, which will be 10 months later, stands on its own without too much recap."
  4. The promo photos that came out last week don't necessarily have anything to do with the plotlines ... or so Weiner says: Apparently, the theme of the promos is air travel NOT because it relates to upcoming plotlines, but because as Weiner shares with The Hollywood Reporter, "There is zero glamour in air travel right now. It was just an environment to take pictures. And the fact that we had access to an old airport and real airplanes, we thought, 'Why don't we just do this up?' It is in such stark contrast to today. ... It is not related to the show. And that's not a smokescreen. It really isn't."
  5. The show will remain 100 percent in the '60s: Weiner revealed to Rolling Stone that the show's storyline won't make it to 1970. "The intention of the show starting in 1960 was to reframe or revise people's concept of what it was like to live then, and show how similar it was to now, or how different it was -- and all of the sex and all of the reframing of that, and not being Leave It to Beaver," he said.
  6. Once Mad Men is over, it's over: No spinoffs will be spawned, as has been the case for AMC's other hits Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. "For Mad Men, there is no sequel," Weiner says. "I completely rule it out. ... I don't know what's going to be on my mind when the show is over but there is no plan to revisit this world. I have no intention of doing more of this."
  7. But the characters will live on: Even though this final season may mark the last time we see Don, Roger, Peggy, Joan, Betty, etc., it sounds like Weiner has their futures in mind in a way, telling Rolling Stone, "What I'm really interested in is the last chapter ... not in these people's lives, but what we know about in these people's lives." That definitely sounds like a tease we can read into!

What do you make of these clues? How do you see season 7 shaping up?

Image via Frank Ockenfels/AMC

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