Kim Kardashian Gets Brand New Haircut & You've Got to See It (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianLooks like the first thing Kim Kardashian did when she got back from Miami was to head to the hair salon. She appears to have had about four or five inches shorn from her long locks. She also has some amazing layering going on. It's not an easy look to achieve, especially if you have thick hair; multilayers like that can often end up looking too chunky. But Kim must have a very gifted stylist, because it looks perfect on her.


There's nothing like going shorter for summer when things heat up and long hair down your back can be a hot mess. Additionally, Kim's hair is back to its dark color, and that is an improvement over her half-toned blond.

It's interesting that she would cut it before the wedding, but my guess is her hair grows fast, and it will be what she wants as the perfect length for the nuptials. But I think this haircut gives a major hint that Kim will wear her hair down for her "I do"s, because if she wanted it up, she would have continued to grow it long to make it easier to style up. (I should have been a detective! But, alas, I'm just another chick with long hair and I get these things.)

I think I'm totally taking these photos to my hairdresser and trying this look myself!

What do you think of Kim's shorter hair?


Image via Pixplus/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

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