Khloe Kardashian Goes Ballistic Over North West

Khloe KardashianDon't mess with KhloMoney! Wait, who? That, apparently, is Khloe Kardashian's fierce alter ego. KhloMoney grabbed the phone and hung up on an Australian morning show when the hosts got too nosy and began prying into little North West's life. Only -- that's not what happened. Let's recap. Khloe was giving an interview on an Australian show via satellite when the jocks asked her some questions about North and Khloe suddenly disappeared. The hosts weren't too happy about it and complained.


It seems they were under the impression that Khloe had deliberately hung up due to questions about her niece and kvetched how stupid that was since she was there to talk about the Kardashian Kollection's kids' line.

But Khloe had a different take on things, blaming the dropped call on technical difficulties. She tweeted:

She then called them "fucking desperate!" And after apparently cooling down, she kind of apologized, writing:

So, yeah, did she hang up over North or not? Kind of unclear but that would seem a strange reason to hang up. It's not like the baby is a secret. Let's just blame this one on KhloMoney.

Do you think Khloe hung up on purpose?


Image via Instagram

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