Miley Cyrus' Tour Bus Goes Up in Flames in Latest Disaster on Cursed Tour (VIDEO)

miley cyrusIs this girl's tour cursed or what? Last night Miley Cyrus' tour bus burst into flames -- as in a towering plume of flames! No, it was not on purpose. And thankfully, no one was hurt. That's a relief, considering how many people are working with Miley, from crew to band members. But seriously, what is going on with Miley's Bangerz tour? And how on Earth does a tour bus burst into flames, anyway?


Wow, that looks pretty bad! So here's what we've heard so far. According to Entertainmentwise, the bus was on an interstate heading to New Orleans (Miley just played in Houston). Rumors were swirling that the fire was set by religious protesters, but that appears not to be the case. Some witnesses are claiming the fire was caused by a blown tire. I guess we'll have to wait for an investigation -- durr, if our attention spans can hold out that long.

Anyway, this tour has been a wild ride. So far we've heard that Bangerz is not for babies (or kids). She was forced to perform a number in her undies the other night (OMG, not that). And then there's that pending lawsuit over the Miley Cyrus tongue slide that injured a worker.

Is Miley's tour cursed? What else could possibly go wrong now? Actually, I'm not at all surprised. This is a huge production with giant set pieces. I'm sure it's complicated, and this is probably all par for the course, unfortunately. Anyway, it's not over yet, kids. The beat goes on for Miley and her big crew.

Do you think anything else will happen on Miley's tour?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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