Ashton Kutcher Got Permission Before Proposing to Mila Kunis

mila kunis ashton kutcherNew details have emerged regarding Ashton Kutcher's big proposal to Mila Kunis. I'll admit I'm a bit shocked about this revelation. Apparently Ashton is quite romantic (which isn't exactly a shocker), but he's also very traditional when it comes to getting married.

Ashton asked Mila's father, Mark, permission to marry her first.


A secret source has told People magazine that Ashton spoke to Mila's dad around Christmas to ask for his blessing. Mila is reportedly very close with her father. Ashton felt it was important to be traditional and respectful when it came to asking for Mila's hand in marriage. I find this incredibly wonderful.

I love how Ashton is taking this very seriously and that he wants to do this right ... how Mila's family would want, and certainly in a way that makes Mila's heart sing. What a beautiful gesture.

The rumors are that the couple want to get married this year, and as we can see in this recent photo of them, they are clearly so deeply in love. Love it!

What do you think of Ashton asking for Mila's father's blessing?


Image via Splash

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