Prince William Gushes About Prince George's Major Milestones

Prince William, Kate MiddletonIt's official! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are back home after their romantic holiday in the Maldives, and the royal couple is back on duty. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent St. Patrick's Day at the Mons Barracks in Aldershot.

While Kate was busy pinning shamrocks to 300 soldiers from the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, Wills got candid about their 8-month-old son Prince George. It seems the couple isn't just back on royal duty, but parent duty as well. And Prince William seems to be one proud papa as he laughed and shared George's milestones.


It's a good thing they hired that nanny, because according to his dad, the little prince is now mobile. Is anyone else picturing an adorably chubby little boy in a onesie with a crown on it giggling and crawling through the palace halls? Just me? OK then.

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Not only is George crawling up a storm, he has apparently also cut his first tooth. Now the Maldives holiday makes sense, doesn't it? Wouldn't you have loved to take a vacation after dealing with a teething baby?

William also shared that George is "doing well" with his weaning, but no word on whether that means Kate has decided to stop breastfeeding altogether, or if the tot is just widening his palate to the delicacies of mashed peas.

How long do you think before we get to see Prince George toddling about in public?


Image via tsaiproject/Flickr

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