Kim Kardashian's Butt Is the Real Star of Rob's Skinny Birthday Photo

Kim KardashianToday is Rob Kardashian's birthday (happy birthday!!!!), and sister Kim decided to celebrate by posting a picture of ... her ass? Kim posted the old photo of Rob -- one in which he's much thinner -- to Instagram, but the general reaction was, "Oh, was Rob in that photo?" Because, let's face it, Kim's derriere is really the star of that photo -- as it would be in any photo. No ass can upstage you like Kim's ass.


The photo, taken at Rob's birthday party at 1 Oak in 2012, showing Rob weighing a good 30 pounds less than he does now, is kind of interesting. Was she trying to be kind by reminding the world what he used to look like? Or was that cruel? Or is it just that no one can get a camera near Rob these days?

Also, why couldn't she have posted one of just Rob, not Rob and her ass? Would that be too much to ask?

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Some people seemed confused that this was an old photo and posted congratulations on his weight loss and remarked how great he looks. That musta hurt.

If I were Rob, I would be a little irked that the photo was so old, and I was obviously being told, "Hey, Rob, remember these days? Remember when you looked kind of hot?" On the other hand, maybe he has laid down the law: No one should share current photos of him.

Poor Rob. He probably spent his birthday on the treadmill.

Why do you think she posted an old photo?

Image via Instagram

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