Grandmas Shocked by 'Drunk In Love' Lyrics by Beyonce & Jay-Z (VIDEO)

grandmas beyonce drunk in loveFirst we experienced Beyonce and Jay-Z's Drunk In Love in all it's intoxicating if not slightly uncomfortable glory. Then we had the song set to emojis and had tons of laughs especially when we saw the eggplant which is suppose to symbolize Jay-Z's you know what. Hope you can handle this curve! Whoa my goodness!

And now we have three grandmas reading the lyrics and sharing their thoughts on exactly what is going on. Oh yes. Check it out.


So the grandmas are a little confused and think it's Kanye West rapping on the song with Beyonce. They sing it together? Kanye West and Beyonce? Though she pronounces it Bee-yonse. They don't think it's Jay-Z because as we learn they think Jay is "such a sweetheart" and he wouldn't approve of this kind of talk.

Ooooo little do they know that's his surfboard she's talking about riding on.

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These grannies go on to say She likes it big, trust me. Then on the topic of talking while having sex, one lady says we never talked when we had sex. What's all this talking?!

They must have a big bathroom, another notes. 

Oh this is disgusting! That's a number one hit? That's a piece of sh*t.

Ouch! I love their accents, though!

What do you think of the song and the grandmas' reaction?

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