Anti-Vax Jenny McCarthy Ripped to Shreds After Asking Completely Innocent Question

jenny mccarthyPerhaps it's because Kristin Cavallari just said that she doesn't vaccinate her son, due to the fear that immunizations cause autism, but Jenny McCarthy is getting a lot of hate thrown her way right now, sort of out of left field. After McCarthy wrote the innocuous tweet, "What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate? Reply using #JennyAsks," a whole slew of people attacked the View cohost for her anti-vax stance, and as the person who started the vaccination/autism connection rumor.

On the one hand, I think some of the comments are out of line, being that Jenny's question had nothing to do with the issue. But on the other, if a celeb is going to use their position to spread potentially dangerous medical misinformation, they ought to be ready for the pro-science community to speak up.

But yikes. Check out some of the responses Jenny got.

  • "Somebody who gets that refusing vaccines because of 'toxins' and then shilling for e-cigs makes you a pathetic hypocrite #JennyAsks" 
  • "Someone who think vaccines are safe"
  • "#JennyAsks Someone who doesn't spread false info causing disease"
  • "Someone who believes in data & science, not discredited, fake medical 'experts' or anecdotal evidence"
Jenny is yet to respond to the comments (and, uh, probably best she doesn't if she doesn't want this to get even bigger), but again, it isn't a complete shock that Twitter users would attack her after Cavallari vocalized that she's following in her footsteps and not vaccinating her children.

I feel sort of bad for McCarthy that she's being ripped to shreds for asking a non-controversial question that has nothing to do with vaccinations whatsoever, but she probably shouldn't expect to live this one down. She was involved in the serious spreading of wrong information, and influenced a lot of people. There ought to be some accountability.
Do you think people were out of line in their comments to McCarthy?
Image via Jenny McCarthy/Instagram
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