Kim Kardashian Let's It ALL Hang Out in Super Tight White Dress (PHOTO)

kim kardashianOh, you thought you were going to go one day without hearing about what Kim Kardashian was wearing? LOL, that's so cute of you! What planet do you think this is, Smart-o-tron? This is Earth, people! Home of the low-brow!

But seriously, we need to talk about what Kim Kardashian was wearing on Saturday. The Internet might implode if we don't.

The sexy reality star was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with sister Kendall in a seriously tight, seriously low-plunging white dress. It's weird, because on a normal day Kim dresses so conservatively. I wonder what the occasion was.


kim kardashian

I'm kidding. This is a classic Kim outfit right here, and unsurprisingly, she looks smokin'. Not gonna lie, though, it would be nice to see Kim in something that wasn't tight, short, low-cut, or all of the above once in a while. The woman would look gorgeous in a Snuggie. There's no need to be so overt all the time.

... Then again, if she were in a Snuggie, would we be talking about her?

(Probably. Kardashians, 1; civilization, 0.)

What do you think of Kim's outfit? Too much?


Image via Splash News

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