Kristen Stewart Looks THRILLED to Be Broken up With Robert Pattinson (PHOTO)

kristen stewartFor anyone who thinks that Kristen Stewart has been drowning her sorrows in pints of Ben and Jerry's and handles of gin, I'd like to present you with evidence of otherwise. You guys, there's a photo of Kristen Stewart smiling -- like, really, genuinely smiling; not red carpet smiling. The pic was taken on the set of her new movie with Julianne Moore, Still Alice, and wow! What a difference seeing some teeth on KStew makes.

Robert who, people, Robert who?



It's always nice when Kristen's smile makes a guest appearance on her face, as it's so rare that we get to see the little guy! Although she always looks gorgeous, she looks so much prettier when she seems happy. She may have perfected the pouty, brooding millennial look, but it still doesn't suit her.

If this is what Kristen looks like without Rob, I say she stays without Rob. They're both sexy actors, who clearly will always carry a torch for one another, but man, Kristy never looked this happy when the two were together. Stay strong, girl.

Do you think Kristen is better off without Rob?


Images via Splash News

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