Proof That 'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Can't Stand 'Rude' Juan Pablo Galavis

chris harrison juan pabloBachelor host Chris Harrison seems like a nice guy, amiright? The dude's a straight shooter, but he always seems to see both sides of the fence, and get along with everyone on the show -- even world's most hated Bachelor, Juan Pablo.

Only he doesn't.

According to reports, despite Harrison claiming that he has no problem with Juan Pablo, the host refused to look or talk to Galavis in between takes while shooting The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.

Damn, Juan Pablo, you're just making friends everywhere, aren't you?


A source told Radar, "There was major tension on the set of the After The Final Rose special. Juan Pablo did not get along with anyone. Chris  wouldn’t even talk to Juan Pablo between shots. He was annoyed and felt Juan Pablo was rude."

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I'm confused. If Juan Pablo felt that he was so above the show, and needed to be pro-honesty, why did he agree to be on TV in the first place? I completely understand not proposing to someone in the end -- that always seemed ridiculous to me -- but if you're going to be the star of a hugely popular show, don't act like it's such a burden to you. The insider added, "Producers are furious that Juan Pablo is seemingly turning his back on the show. Just the way he talks about the show, the way he antagonizes people on social media, he’s not creating a likable atmosphere." No wonder Harrison doesn't like him.

Ah, whatever. In a few weeks, the world will barely remember who Juan Pablo Galavis is. And although he tries to act like that's what he really wants, I think we all know that's not the truth. Have fun in obscurity, dude!

Do you think Chris Harrison really doesn't like Juan Pablo?


Image via Bachelor/Facebook

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