Miley Cyrus Gets Daring Tattoo In Spot That Had to Hurt REALLY BAD (PHOTOS)

miley cyrusI didn't think I could be shocked by anything Miley Cyrus does anymore. She's young and wild and living life and seems to have an awesome time doing all she does. And good for her! I'm just glad she's not my daughter. Though I have a feeling my kid is going to do some crazy things when she's Miley's age so perhaps I should prepare myself. But Miley's latest antic has me thinking oh my goodness she did not!

But she did. Miley got a new tattoo. In one of the craziest spots ever. And it's a tattoo of a sad kitty. Can you guess where it is?!?!


Her inner lip. The lip on her face. That's what you were thinking right and not some other completely bonkers spot. Or should I say bangerz since that's the name of her tour. What in the world does that mean anyway? Let's inspect.

She has some lovely teeth, doesn't she? Why is that kitty cat crying. And OUCH! When Miley tweeted the photo out she wrote: #sadkitty #f–kyeahtulsa. Must be her souvenir from Oklahoma.

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I'm torn. There's a part of me that loves it. And a part of me that is thinking what the heck? But I try not to be a judgmental tattoo person because I don't like it when people judge mine. I just think she's going to be putting her fingers in her mouth a whole lot to show off that tattoo. But she's Miley! She likes to put her fingers in her mouth. Sad kitty rules!

What do you think of Miley's sad kitty tattoo?


Images via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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