Chris Brown Is Finally Where He Belongs -- In Jail

Chris BrownChris Brown is finally where he belongs ... in jail. The R&B singer has gotten break after break after break ... the kinds that no one without a high-powered attorney would be able to get, and yet he has foolishly managed to blow them all. So now he's behind bars. And will be there for at least a month, reports TMZ.


Brown has been on probation since his assault charge regarding Rihanna, but he's managed to get himself into trouble so many times since then that it's a miracle (well, not a miracle when you have money) that he hasn't been tossed in the clink. But now he has.

Brown had been living at a rehab facility per order of a judge. This is the same facility that diagnosed Brown with PTSD and bipolar disorder. But Brown went and got himself kicked out of there for not following the rules -- what exactly he did is unclear but Brown doesn't seem the type who likes to follow anyone's rules -- and the judge sent him to jail until he goes on trial for his Washington D.C. assault case.

Brown and his bodyguard have been accused of attacking a man who tried to jump into a photo that Brown posing in for a female fan, and then the man accused Brown of saying "I'm not down with that gay shit" before punching him in the face.

Brown had been free on probation in the 2009 Rihanna assault case provided he stay out of trouble -- which he hasn't been able to do, god knows.

If he's found guilty for the D.C. assault he could end up in prison. I'm totally in favor of giving second chances and rehabilitating, but when someone keeps blowing chance after chance, why should Brown continue to be free when those without any influence or high-powered help are punished for much less?

Do you think Chris belongs behind bars?


Image via joeltelling/Flickr

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