Kim Kardashian Looks Seriously Skinny in World's Tightest Dress (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWow. Don't think I've seen a dress this short and tight for quite some time. Kim Kardashian stepped out in one of her raciest outfits to date recently: A body-hugging, attention-getting bright red mini dress and sky-high gold gladiator sandals. The reality star looked incredible (duh); and, is it just me, but does she look skinnier than ever?


kim kardashian

Kim has been vocal about how she felt uncomfortable with the weight she gained during her pregnancy, and more so, how the media "attacked" her for it. She's been showing off her body a lot since giving birth (most recently, a selfie in little sister Kylie's bikini), but you really can't hate the woman for it, 'cause she looks damn good.

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Good for Kim for losing all the pregnancy weight that she gained. It's truly a great feeling. But don't go losing too much more, Kim. We don't want those famous curves going anywhere.

What do you think of Kim's outfit?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram/Splash News

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