Juan Pablo's Latest Comments Prove He Wasn't 'Real' on 'The Bachelor'

juan pabloEver since he made his first appearance on The Bachelorette, Juan Pablo's "thing" has been honesty. No matter how rude or insensitive he seemed, he was just being honest. He prided himself as a straight-shooter; the guy who had the balls to say whatever he was thinking; no game playing. So, why the heck is saying now that it's time to "meet the real me?"

I thought you were being real along, Juan ... or were you just trying to cover your a**?


Juan Pablo's blog on People.com just came out, and it's nothing short of a long-winded dissertation on why he's so awesome. "When I was announced as The Bachelor, Chris Harrison said, 'In the history of this show, no guy has made a greater impact with less screen time,'" he wrote. "Have you thought about why people apparently liked me at the time? Why I didn't have that much screen time? Well, so you guys understand a little bit more, it is because of my honesty and that I don't like drama at all – something that viewers appreciated from the little they saw of me on The Bachelorette." He then added, "Until today, you will get to read about The Bachelor Juan Pablo and from now on you will get to see more of the real Juan Pablo." So, wait. Who is the real Juan Pablo? Will he please stand up?

If the real life Juan Pablo is different from the one we saw on The Bachelor, maybe he's actually a cool guy? I kind of doubt it, but hey, it'll be fun, seeing what he has to say in his blogs, and how he and Nikki Ferrell's relationship fizzles out continues.

What do you think of Juan Pablo?


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