Kendall Jenner Shows Off Slim Figure in Shocking Underwear Photo (PHOTO)

Kendall JennerRemember the days when celebs had to be paid big money to strip down to their skivs? Well, those days are gone. Nowadays, a few freebies and the promise of a hashtag are apparently all it takes. Well, doubt we'll see Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon doing this any time soon -- but Kendall Jenner? No need to wait. Kendall has just modeled in her underwear for her Instagram fans.


Kendall posted a pic of herself on Instagram bared down to her Calvin Klein skivvies and wrote:

morning! just going to hang out in #MyCalvins alllll day! ... thank you @calvinklein for my little gifts

Who knew that's all it took? A couple of pairs of underwear? I bet Victoria's Secret is kicking itself. VS, it's not too late. Send her -- well, anything! Companies are sure getting a bang for their buck in the days of social media. It costs them virtually nothing to send a celeb some freebies, and if she tweets or Instagrams herself in them -- ca-ching!

Kendall has a great, long, lean body, so I guess it's not surprising that the 18-year-old would want to share it with millions of people. I'm just surprised she didn't ask for a bit more in exchange, but hey, what's the difference between this and a bikini shot? And maybe Calvin sent her a check too, who knows.

Too much for an 18-year-old? Well, Kendall has already gone there so many times. She's a Kardashian (whether in name or not, she's one because that is what she's surrounded by) and this is just par for the course.

What do you think of the photo?


Image via Instagram

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