​Jessica Simpson's Change of Wedding Plans Shows What Kind of Person She Is​

Jessica Simpson and her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson, certainly have enough saved in their bank accounts to throw a lavish wedding wherever their hearts desire. And for awhile there, it seemed they were going to go all out and exchange their vows in a faraway paradise: Capri, Italy. But the singer is proving her priorities are a bit different than, oh, let's say those of Kim Kardashian (yes, I went there).

The singer and mother to daughter Maxwell, 22, and son Ace, 8 months, has decided to stay close to home and plan her wedding in Los Angeles. And the reason she's apparently had a change of heart is as sweet and thoughtful as Jessica seems.


According to one source, Jessica feels it would be too much to ask friends and family to make such a long trip for them. She reportedly wants a simpler day, and who can blame her? Aside from asking guests to pay a pretty extraordinary amount of money, when you factor in airfare, hotel, AND a wedding gift, it couldn't be relaxing or all that much fun to have to travel with two very young children. Add that to the long list of worries brides deal with on the big day and it just seems like more work that it's worth.

Personally, I LOVE the idea that Jessica and Eric view a wedding as a celebration that isn't solely for them. Their venue change makes Jess seem even more down to earth to me. Although, in theory, the idea of getting married on a deserted island or interesting European city felt incredibly romantic, my husband and I decided against it -- after much serious consideration -- because we knew there were a lot of people close to us who wouldn't be able to afford the trip. We didn't want to make people feel they had to save money to come, and we certainly couldn't afford to pay for everyone. It made us sad to think we wouldn't be able to celebrate one of the happiest and most special days of our lives with them.

With that said, every destination wedding I've ever attended has been a total blast. The couples who hosted and planned them were courteous enough to give a lot of advance notice AND specifically requested our presence in place of a gift. Assuming the bride- and groom-to-be are willing to accept that some guests won't be able to swing the cost and that they shouldn't expect a monetary gift after asking people to pay so much money to attend their party, I think it can be a great option.

What do you think of destination weddings? Is it fair to ask guests to pay a lot of money to travel to your wedding?


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