'RHONY' Stars Show They Are Just As Nasty On Camera As Off

ramona  singerIf you thought all that drama was just for the camera, you would be very mistaken. Turns out all that venomous outrage and backstabbing is a way of life for The Real Housewives of New York. At a cast party in Manhattan, the sharpened claws were out. Big time.


The first to attack? Ramona Singer. I am sure that's no major surprise to fans of the show. This one seems to always come out swinging. After six years of RHONY, she and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps are the only ones remaining from the debut season. But Ramona made one thing very clear.

“Well, LuAnn isn’t considered an original,” she sniped. Plus, she noted, LuAnn was recently downgraded to "recurring" star. “She’s just a part-time Housewife, so really I’m the only standing original,” she said, “and the reason is I don’t play for the cameras, I play for me.”

Jeez. What a thing to boast about. Essentially she is saying she is a much more natural bitch. Honestly, they should be ashamed of the way they behave toward each other. It's embarrassing. The Countess may not be as important to the production as she used to be, but she got something right: "Money Can't Buy You Class."

Though Ramona wasn't the only one on the warpath that night. Heather Thomson wanted it to be known that she still hates Aviva Drescher. Apparently, despite Aviva's attempts to make nice with everyone during the show's premiere, something went wrong. “It’s very hard for me to say that because it’s disappointing,” Thomson said. “I guess I shouldn’t have expectations, but I had really high expectations for Aviva coming into this season.”

As for Aviva's response to the ongoing feud with Thomson: she simply rolled her eyes and said, "I'm so used to it." She had a bit more to say about Carole Radziwill, however: “She is so relentlessly angry and can’t see the forest through the trees."

These women are too toxic for their own good.

Do you think any of these women were ever friends?
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