Kris Jenner & Ben Flajnik Are Back 'Together' Again

Kris JennerIn case you thought that Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik were a flash in the pan -- well, the "couple" still appear to be ... whatever. The Kardashian matriarch and the former Bachelor were spotted having lunch together in Los Angeles yesterday. I'm not going to talk about how ewwy-grossy this pair are, because they're both adults, and so as long as no one is holding a gun to anyone's head, what is the problem? Older men pick up younger women all.the.damn.time.


The pair never confirmed they were an item (unless you count Ben's somewhat sarcastic Instagram header: "Dear @usweekly still dating. #callmeforfacts"), but they have sure been seen together a lot and you have to wonder WHY?!

I think it's pretty obvious. They're not hanging out because they have so much in common. Or even that either one can help their respective careers. Kris Jenner may be an awesome manager but she's not a miracle worker. And if Kris were hoping to get some attention by bagging a younger boyfriend, she could probably do better than this.

That said, if their fling or whatever it was is over, the two seem to have remained pals -- and had lunch together with a distant Kardashian relative.

It should be noted that Kris was spotted picking up the tab. Because duh.

Do you think these two were/are dating?


Image via Instagram

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