Robert Pattinson's Career Only Got Better After Kristen Stewart Split

Robert PattinsonHas Robert Pattinson's breakup with Kristen Stewart been the best thing that ever happened to him? Well, career-wise, maybe. Rob has been superbusy since the split, filming one role after another. There's been Maps to the Stars, Life (filming now), and the upcoming Rover, Mission Blacklist, Queen of the Desert, Lost City of Z, and The Childhood of a Leader. Basically, Rob has not stopped working since he wrapped Twilight: Breaking Dawn.


The break with KStew could have done a couple of things for his career: One, it helps separate him from his Edward image. Two, it gives him an excuse to work, work, work. Nothing like burying your heartbreak on long set hours. If they'd still been together, there's a chance he may have turned down some projects in order to remain close to KStew and his home base in Los Angeles.

But as a free man, he's able to roam all over, booking project after project.

Of course, there's a slightly more pragmatic view of his career upswing: He's now free to take on other movies since the Twilight franchise has ended -- and this is when he NEEDS to take them on, because unless he gets another big hit or two, no one will want him in a few years.

Also, parts are harder to come by as an actor ages, unless he's proven himself as a hit-maker or a massive acting talent who can take on a broad range of roles, a la Sean Penn or Robert De Niro.

I think we know which category Rob has been in thus far. Surely, he hopes one of these films will change that.

Do you think the breakup helped his career?


Image via Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

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