'Orange Is the New Black' Teaser Images Show Bloody Fallout From Season 1 (PHOTOS)

Orange Is the New BlackNow that you've barreled your way through the second season of House of Cards, are you ready to gear up for another Netflix binge session? Start plumping those couch cushions because the season 2 premiere of Orange Is the New Black is set for release on June 6.

The so-called "comedy-drama prison series" (I think that must be a first, genre-wise) completed shooting in January, and Netflix released a teaser ad for the upcoming season last month. Now Netflix has shared the first three photos from season 2, and based on one of the images, we're definitely going to see what happened after Orange Is the New Black's shockingly bloody season 1 finale.

(OITNB season 1 spoilers ahead!)


Let's start with the teaser clip:

Not much to see there, obviously, but it does a nice job of whetting the appetite. Now for Netlix's just-released images:

Ooooh. Remember the finale, when Piper basically speed-punched 13 episodes' worth of fury into Pennsatucky’s face? This photo implies we'll pick up right where we left off instead of jumping forward in time. Hooray! I can't wait to see how that story plays out.

Next photo! Seemingly squaring off with Red, here's new cast member Lorraine Toussaint:

Toussaint plays Yvonne "Vee" Parker, a former drug dealer who used kids as runners. I'm guessing some of the other inmates won't exactly be a big fan of her background.

Also, an amusing-looking faux job fair:

I have no idea what's going on here, but I love what I'm seeing.

The cast and crew has been pretty tight-lipped about season 2, aside from teasing that we'll learn more about the ensemble players:

In season two, we'll see how Piper's story continues, but the show also gets wider and deeper to tell the stories of even more of the women. -- Taylor Schilling (Piper)

The show just continues to get wild and the writing is supreme. You just get to peek in a little bit more into the characters and you really start to get to know other characters that maybe you didn't get to know in season 1. -- Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky)

Last but not least, the show's Instagram account (@oitnb) has been posting some candid behind the scene shots, and while they don't give any insight into the new storylines, they're super fun to see. Here are a few of my favorites:


Are you excited for the second season of Orange Is the New Black?

Images via Netflix

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