Kate Middleton Is Sure to Shine on Trip to Australia

Kate MiddletonIt's safe to say that Kate Middleton won't be "roughing it" on next month's Australian tour. Kate, Prince William, and baby George are expected to embark on the tour soon, and Kate has been given leeway to pick out as many pieces of jewelry as she'd like from the MIL -- Queen Elizabeth. Because what trip Down Under is complete without diamonds?


Word has it Kate won't be wearing a tiara on the trip -- but she'll boggle in bling from the Queen's private collection. A source tells US Weekly:

She has been allowed to pick out as many items as she needs. She's working with a wardrobe coordinator to put together her outfits.

Ah, yes. The outfits. Well, suffice it to say it won't be Banana Republic for Kate. Says the source:

A number of outfits she's wearing on the tour are off-the-rack pieces, however they're being tailored to her body shape. The Queen's dress maker, Angela Kelly, and her team have been involved in a lot of the wardrobe prep.

OK, so maybe there will be a little Banana Republic in there somewhere. I can totally see Kate in a safari hat.

As for the jewels, the Queen's private collection is one of the most famous in the world, though its worth has never been tabulated. (The collection is separate from the Crown Jewels.) Some items: 11 tiaras; 3 pairs of earrings; 5 necklaces; 3 brooches; 7 parures. Most of the jewels are historical jewels that have been passed down through the royal family. So we're not talkin' Kay Jewelers here.

The royal family tour begins April 7 in New Zealand and then continues to Australia. I'm sure the Aussies are putting a shrimp on the barbie in anticipation of their arrival. Yes, I just wrote that.

What kind of jewelry do you think Kate will wear?


Image via Danny Martindale/Getty

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