Juan Pablo Sabotaged His Own Big Post-'Bachelor' Plan With Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell Juan Pablo GalavisThe Bachelor finale and "After the Final Rose" special left most of us (including former Bachelors, like Sean Lowe) thoroughly confused. One of the burning Qs: What in the world did Juan Pablo mean when he told Chris Harrison that he and Nikki "had plans," but "they had to change drastically two weeks ago when we taped Women Tell All, and now we're going to figure it out ourselves in a private light"?

Cassandra Ferguson, one of JPG's "special" single mamas and eventual castoffs, chatted with 98.7 AMP in Detroit and shed some light on the subject of JuanPabs's master plan -- and what completely wrecked it. Oh, but not before saying that "El Bachelor" "banged three people [on the show]." Wow.


But you know, following that, Cassandra explains:

He planned that he's Mr. El Bachelor, and he’s gonna be on Dancing With the Stars. I think that he planned to be in Los Angeles with [Nikki].

But after he addressed a question about whether or not he believed ABC would feature a gay Bachelor at some point by calling gay people "more perverted," he totally blew his chances at being cast on DWTS. Cassandra elaborates:

He was like, 'Oh shoot, well, Plan B.'

Confirming Cassandra's story, a source told Us:

He is still confused as to why they didn't ask him to do DWTS. He doesn't seem to get how the public feels about him.

Ha. Serves him right that he got skipped over for DWTS! You can't a.) make hateful remarks like he did and get away with it, and then b.) compound the problem by lashing out at producers and refusing to play the game you signed up for, and still expect that you're going to have this majorly successful career in Hollywood. It just doesn't work that way.

But best of luck to him back in Miami! I'm sure he'll do wonders cleaning up his rep and becoming an even bigger star with his angry street corner Instagrams, homemade YouTube photo montages, and the odd commercial.

Do you think Juan Pablo still has a shot at stardom or are his 15 minutes pretty much up?


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