Kristen Stewart's Fashion Signature Isn't Banking Her Any Cash -- For Now

Kristen StewartIn case you were wondering if Kristen Stewart is the new spokesperson for Nike -- wonder no more! She's not. And, hey, you probably weren't wondering about this to begin with. But Nike felt compelled to release a statement saying that they are NOT in negotiations with Kristen. Perhaps the pairing would have perfect synergy, considering that Kristen has often been spotted in Nikes -- even when she's on the red carpet in a designer gown.


But you can stop tossing and turning at night wondering when and how this Nike/KStew merger will happen -- because it's NOT happening, folks. I repeat: It's not happening. Says Nike:

Kristen is very talented and we're delighted she chooses to wear Nike, but we're not currently in discussions with her over an endorsement contract.

See, it appears that it was RadarOnline that started this rumor. A source told the outlet:

Nike execs believe that with her tomboy cool image, Kristen would be the perfect celebrity spokeswoman to create some new excitement about the brand.

But, alas, though Kristen and Nike might be the best couple since Kristen and Rob, it's not happening. Did I say already? It's not happening. At least, not today.

By the way, while companies do hire celebs on a regular basis, it's always a high-risk proposition. Imagine if Kristen HAD been Nike's spokeswoman during the cheating scandal? They woulda been so pissed.

Speaking of KStew's "tomboy" image -- check out the shirt she was wearing on the set of Still Life. Couldn't make it any clearer, could it?

Are you finally convinced Kristen is not endorsing Nike or are you still holding out hope?


Image via Raymond Hall/Getty

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