Kim Kardashian's Best Friend Pulls Mean Prank on Kourtney

Kourtney KardashianOh, that Jonathan Cheban. The Kardashian mascot is with the sisters down in Miami and decided to have a little fun with Kourtney. The Kourtster was lazing around in her underwear and silk chemise and apparently got a little too close to the balcony door. That's when Jonathan decided to have some yuks by trying to push Kourt out onto the balcony, in full view of the swarms of paparazzi below.


Jonathan even went ahead and captured the entire struggle on camera as Kourtney desperately clung to the door frame. But, of course, eagle-eyed paps caught the entire thing too. The ones who managed to get it on film probably made a decent amount of money that day!

While this is clearly all shits and giggles, and Kourtney probably had a good laugh over it, on the other hand, it was kinda mean. Getting pushed outside in your skivs, knowing that the world is watching and will be making a buttload of money off your embarrassment, isn't exactly something any good friend should do.

But I imagine you've got to laugh at being constantly trailed by a hoard of photographers, or you'd just sit around and cry about it. (Unless you are Kim, who no doubt craves the attention.)

Was this mean of Jonathan?


Image via Instagram

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