Kim Kardashian's Prenuptial Agreement Could Wind Up Costing Her in the End

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

When the details of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's prenuptial agreement were released last week, it sounded like she'll get a pretty sweet deal in the event that they split.

To refresh your memory, she'll pull a cool $1 million for every year they are together up to 10 years, and she'll also get to keep all of her jewelry, gifts from Kanye, and even their humongous Bel Air mansion.

(Oh! And there's no custody clause, so odds are good she'd be able to keep little Nori all to herself for the most part.)


But according to Hollywood Life, Kim may lose millions because of the prenup instead of being set for life.

They spoke to celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Zieger, and she thinks Kim made a bad choice in signing on the dotted line.

She said:

I like that Kim is getting money for every year of marriage in lieu of alimony but I would like to see her get $2 million per year, capped at 20 years. They are young and by only accepting $10 million, she could lose out on a great deal of money if married for more! No one knows how long a marriage will last, so why limit yourself to 10 years? Prenups can be revised several times until filly executed before the marriage takes place!

And there you have it. Poor Kim may be getting screwed and she doesn't even know it.

But at the same time, it's not like she's dirt poor without Kanye or anything -- so maybe how much money she gets isn't all that important to her?

Dare I say it -- maybe Kim really does intend on staying with Kanye until they're old and gray? (Not that either one of them would ever allow that to happen. The gray hair, I mean.)

Maybe the prenup is just a formality -- and they signed it just for the sake of doing so since they're celebs. Stranger things have happened, so maybe we should give them a tad more credit as a couple.

Do you think Kim is getting a bad deal?


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