Kristen Stewart Obviously Doesn’t Care What People Think of Her

Kristen StewartSay what you want about Kristen Stewart, but girlfriend definitely defies the Hollywood stereotype with her low-maintenance attitude. I mean, she’s so casual about her look that she frequently makes headlines questioning her sexual orientation.

Why is it that when girls just like to be comfortable and not worry too much about trends or Spanx or towering heels, they must be lesbians? I say Kristen just knows what she likes and doesn’t care about spending a zillion dollars to look a certain way. For example, she recently revealed that her favorite eyeliner is only $10!


The 23-year-old actress told that she swears by Topshop Beauty’s Waterproof Liner, which anyone can get for a measly 10 bucks. She said, "There’s a pencil that you can get at Topshop that’s cheap, so I’ll get, like, five of them, and they last forever and they’re really, really good."

And of course, it really does last forever with Kristen, who’s famous for never removing her eye makeup. I like a girl that can keep it real.

Do you like to stick to cheap makeup?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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