Kim Kardashian Does Her Best Kate Middleton Impersonation Yet (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianOh, for crying out loud. I thought she gave up on trying to somehow morph herself into Kate Middleton a long time ago, but based on photos taken of Kim Kardashian giving a royal wave from the balcony of the Versace mansion in Miami, it's clear that she perceives herself to be just as regal as ever.

Ok, so on the one hand, it was nice of her to acknowledge the crowd of fans who were waiting outside the pad hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

But you guys? She even blew kisses. You know, like a princess. (Ok, a Disney princess. Somehow I can't picture Kate being this animated.)


Get a load of her attempt to get her Duchess of Cambridge on.

Kim Kardashian

Wow. Kanye West's belief that he and Kim are royalty has obviously gone to her head a little bit. And speaking of her head -- you gotta wonder what was going through her mind as she pretended to be a queen.

If I had to caption this photo from Kim's perspective, I'm thinking it would say something like:

"That's right, my loyal servants. I'm fabulous. And I don't blame you for loving me because I love me too. Oh, and check out the fat piece of bling on my ring finger. It's bigger than Kate's."

Do you think Kim's kisses are sweet or a little bit conceited?


Images via Pacific Coast News; Splash

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