Amanda Bynes' Response to Secret Twitter Account Rumors Speaks Volumes

amanda bynesIt looks like Amanda Bynes has fully committed to getting her health back in order. That is, if her latest tweet is anything to go by. The old account, which used to be full of her highly publicized and harassing messages to celebs including Drake and Rihanna, has been wiped almost virtually clean. But she hasn't lost any of her followers.

Amanda checked back in briefly on Twitter to say hi to her fans and to shoot down some rumors that she's been back on Twitter under a fake account name. After briefly expressing her love of her fans (very sweet), she casually mentions that she has no secret Twitter handles. I like this new, proactive, level-headed Amanda! Good for her.


She included in this latest tweet a snap of a drawing she did recently. It's great to see that being back and in school for design continues to inspire and ground her. I think it's a good sign, not a bad one, to see Amanda back on Twitter, even in a limited capacity. It means she's slowly regaining control and can trust herself even in the slippery world of social media.

If Amanda can stay on the positive path she seems to be on now, she could eventually serve as a really strong role model. As a celebrity in the public eye, one day she could use her rough experiences to cast a light on the reality of mental illness. There's still such a stigma against it in the US (evident by the media's handling of Amanda's breakdown) that the more advocates we can get, the better.

Do you think Amanda will ever act again?


Image via Twitter

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