Kim Kardashian's Skinny Mystery Pic Makes Us Wonder (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianThe Kardashian sisters are all down in Miami for the opening of a new Dash store, and their arrival has caused quite a ruckus. They've already visited the Versace mansion, and Kim has grabbed headlines for appearing in a VERY low-cut black blouse that left nothing to the imagination. So who is this stick-thin figure in the demure Kardashian Kollection cropped turtleneck and Alaia dress? And if it's Kim, has she been working the Photoshop tool again?


Kim recently posted the selfie on Instagram -- and even die-hard fans are confused as to whose selfie it is.

"That's kourtney not Kim," writes one follower. But others are not convinced, writing:

- With this short skirt you look skinny!

- pretty but obviously photoshopped

Indeed, it is hard to tell, since the face is completely obscured by part of the gilded mirror. I'm going to have to go with Kourtney -- even though Kim doesn't say. But why she would post it when Kourt didn't is a bit of a mystery.

If this IS Kim, then yeah, she's hitting up the Photoshop tool like cuh-ray-zay. Though of course she would deny that.

Who is this???


Image via Instagram

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