Taylor Lautner's Girlfriend Reveals Exactly What She Thinks About Him (PHOTOS)

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner's girlfriend, Marie Avgeropoulos, recently said what most red-blooded females think about Taylor: He's perfect! Marie posted a rare photo of the duo on Instagram and captioned it:

I actually adore this picture of Taylor and I. He's so perfect

Aww. Seems like the two are doing really well! And she must be confident in their relationship to put something so gushy out in public like that.


The age difference between the two -- she is 27 to Taylor's 21 -- had some people wondering, but c'mon! No one would even blink if the gender roles were reversed on this one.

True, women in their late 20s are usually looking around for older men, who they think are more settled and mature, but if Taylor is settled and mature at his age -- or if Marie doesn't give a whit about settled and mature -- then who cares? I'm always a sucker for a guy who prefers a woman over a little girl anyway.

In fact, it might be Marie's age that attracts him. Friends say that Taylor likes the fact that Marie is "super-competitive and a total tomboy." Sounds to me like he wants a woman who is his equal. Plus, she's pretty hot.

Marie's career is also taking off: She starred in the TV series Cult, the upcoming movie Tracers, and will star in the upcoming sci-fi series The 100.

Also, have you noticed? They kind of look like brother and sister. Just sayin'.

Do you think these two will last?


Images via Instagram

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