Taylor Swift Ditches Selena Gomez When She Needs Her Most

Selena Gomez Taylor SwiftWhoa. Whatever happened to supporting our friends even when we don't agree with the choices they make? According to Us Weekly, Taylor Swift has cut off Selena Gomez because she's so disgusted by her recent reunion with Justin Bieber.

She simply can't believe Selena would give the Biebs another chance after all of the heartache he's caused her -- so Taylor figures dumping her as a bestie will really let her know just how much she disapproves.

And while there are plenty of people who will probably understand why Taylor thinks Selena is nuts to take Justin back -- I think it's pretty crappy of her to give up on their friendship over a dude. (Especially since she's described her as a "sister" in the past.)


I mean, Taylor has already proven time and time again that she can't hang onto a boyfriend to save her life. With how good she is at driving men away, how can she be so bratty as to push her best friend out of her life too?

If anything, Selena needs her support now more than ever. She's bound to keep taking a ton of criticism for going back to the Biebs, and I'm sure she'd appreciate having Taylor there to reassure her that everything is going to be ok. (Even though we all know it isn't.)

That's what true friends do. They love and support each other no matter what -- even when they don't see eye to eye. Taylor is really acting like a spoiled little kid who wants Selena all to herself or something like that.

But honestly, if she can't bring herself to be happy for Selena, she probably did her a favor by cutting ties with her now instead of down the road, when she's older and in a really serious relationship.

The sooner a gal finds out who her real friends are -- the better.

Do you think Taylor was wrong to shun Selena?


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