Kate Middleton Takes Some Serious Heat for Taking a Break

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton is taking some heat from at least one group of people on the Internet, who are calling her "stupid" and "insensitive" for daring to take a holiday away from her baby. Prince William and Duchess Catherine are currently enjoying a little R&R away from their 7-month-old son Prince George at a luxury resort in the Maldives.

It's become a hot topic on Mumsnet, where users are blasting Kate for taking another vacation while having made only three public appearances in 2014. And because not even Kate Middleton can end the Mommy Wars, there seem to be quite a few parents judging her for her decision to leave George at home with her parents and his new nanny.


One user even wrote, "I can't imagine choosing to be so far from my baby for so long."


Other tasty gems included barbs about Kate not understanding the average mum, with comments like, "Am envious of winter sun but not of lifestyle. Feel Kate is a little out of touch," and, "Not only is this extremely frivolous of them but it is insensitive and frankly very stupid of them, they will lose a lot of supporters by doing this."

Whoa, people, calm down.

Now I can totally relate to the cost factor, which was raised by several people, including this person who shared, "There are people really struggling in this country who will feel bitter and even betrayed that some of their taxes are going towards the added security and other costs of these holidays ... " Or even this person who said, "... the security costs (which we DO pay for) must be astronomical!"

To that I have three words: National Health Service.

But seriously -- oyza! Let Kate take a break already, mmmkay? What if the reason she's only made three appearances since the New Year is because Prince George is driving her nutso (bless his little heart)? What if she needs her time with her husband to reconnect and be the best wife and mom she can possibly be?

Why would any mom judge another mom for taking some much needed time to herself? Probably because it's the Internet and that's what we do here.

Do you think Kate Middleton was in the wrong going to the Maldives with William and not George?

Image via Prachatai/Flickr

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