Kim Kardashian's Cleavage Does Not Belong at the Gym (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianWorking out is all about getting hot and sweaty and not caring how you look. Unless you're Kim Kardashian. Then it's about heading to the gym in full makeup, falsies, and sporting gym attire so low cut and boobage so revealing that there is no doubt that she should have been ticketed for causing a major distraction in a SoulCycle class. Seriously, if I had this woman cycling next to me, I would be very irritated.


Khloe uploaded the Vine video of Kendall and Kim supposedly working out (well, Kendall is working out, Kim appears to be posing). Check it:

I mean, what is that? Does Kim need to show her boobs everywhere? And when she stands up on the bike and leans over to get into her workout, she's going to totally spill out of that shirt. Or is she not really there to work out, but just to pout on that bike?

How on Earth did this woman actually lose any baby weight? Because this is not the way anyone should work out. Scarily, there did seem to be some people in class -- though none of them were around Kim. No doubt avoiding her. No one wants to see boobage in the gym! Put it away, Kim!

Sheesh, someone needs a gym etiquette refresher course. She probably leaves her cellphone on the weight bench too.

Do you think this is appropriate gym attire?


Image via Twitter

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