Kim Kardashian Gets Into Car Crash in Beverly Hills

Kim KardashianYikes! How scary! Kim Kardashian was involved in a car crash today in Beverly Hills. But hold up, it looks like Kim is okay. And apparently North West was not in the car with her. It all reportedly happened when Kim was driving in her Mercedes G Wagon on Sunset Blvd, says TMZ, when she turned left at an intersection and another driver had his signal on that he was going right. But instead, he just kept going straight and hit Kim!


Oy, if you've ever driven in Los Angeles, it can be a total clusterf**k. An eyewitness (i.e., one of those paps who follows Kim 24/7) told TMZ that the two cars had minor damage but no one was hurt. In fact, no one was ticketed either. The two just exchanged insurance information and then hugged each other. How L.A.! Maybe they'll meet up for a kale salad and a hot yoga class later.

But let me just say ... while something like this might not be a big deal for non-celebs, it can be for celebs. Because as soon as someone realizes they've fender-bendered someone with a lot of cashola, the lawyers get involved. The person could try to claim emotional distress or some ridiculous thing.

In this case, however, it sounds like it was the other guy's fault, so Kim should be in the clear. One good thing about having videographers following you all of the time is that someone probably caught the accident on tape and can prove Kim didn't do anything wrong if need be.

Anyway, glad everything turned out okay.


Image via TS, PacificCoastNews

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