Lorde Takes On Rumors About Her Lesbian Relationship With Taylor Swift

Lorde and Taylor Swift lesbian rumorsSinger Lorde often demonstrates a wisdom that surpasses her years. It's these sorts of cunning insights (combined with her policy for zero BS) that make her such a compelling songwriter. These are also personality traits that make her pretty hard to interview -- especially if these interviews are taking place in the wacky world of morning radio shows. Oh you kooky disc jockeys -- prepare to be knocked out.

One D.J. recently thought it would be "hilarious" (it's in quotes because it is not actually hilarious) to call Lorde gay because of her close friendship with another youthful lady-singer, Taylor Swift. When the D.J. questioned them as being "not together as in lesbians ... I'm not talking about Ellen together," Lorde was quick to shut him down. "Do you think there's something wrong with lesbians?" she asked him showing she had no time for his poor sense of humor.


However much guff she gets, one of the things I like the most about Taylor Swift is how much she cherishes her friendships with the women in her life. The idea that she and someone like Lorde are close I think should be inspiring to other girls. See? You can both succeed in a highly competitive business, and rather than view each other as enemies, you can join forces and forge a friendship based on mutual respect.

Admittedly, I am a nerd for anything that could fall into the category of what's called feminism. If you're my age, you can remember a time when the concept of "girl power" was a big part of pop culture! Sure, the music that went along with this movement wasn't great (sorry, Spice Girls) but still -- the power of ladies was a big deal! It's kind of great to see folks like Lorde stick up for it once again, with the added anti-casual-homophobia stance for good measure.

Do you think Lorde and Taylor's friendship sets a good example for girls?


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