Bruce Jenner's Latest Look Will Really Turn Heads

Bruce JennerWow. I just. Wow. Today in Bruce Jenner style -- I am speechless. Bruce was photographed with his flowing locks looking longer than ever. And the color, what is that? Russet? Tawny? Burnt sienna? And the style. Sort of retro. Kind of '70s. A little That Girl. Shit, I have no idea what's happening with Bruce.


Bruce has undergone many physical changes in the past year or so. The supposed tracheal shave -- which may or may not have happened. Pictures showed him emerging from a medical clinic with blue gauze on his neck, but in these new photos, his Adam's apple doesn't look that different. Yes, I'm sitting here examining Bruce Jenner's Adam's apple.

The nails. Those still look long and glossy. The tinted aviator glasses are like vintage Gloria Steinem.

But really I don't know what more can be said about Bruce's hair. It's sort of divine.

Bruce denies he is transitioning to be a female. So does Kris and the rest of the family. They say he's trying to be a "surfer dude" like his sons Brody and Brandon. Can I just say? Brody and Brandon look nothing like this.

At this point, I suspect this is all an act and Bruce enjoys toying with us.

What do you think of his new hairstyle?


Image via Gregg DeGuire/Getty

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