Prince George’s New Nanny: 6 Things to Know Now

Kate MiddletonDid you hear that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally hired a nanny for little Prince George? They’ve been looking since January, when William’s former nanny, Jessie Webb, opted not to renew her contract at age 71. Can’t blame the old girl, really.

With that big royal tour of Australia and New Zealand mere weeks away in April, it was time to decide on someone new to help wipe the royal baby bottom. Kate and Wills are on a romantic holiday in the Maldives right now, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out their newly hired nanny.


We don’t know her name yet, but we do know that she’s comfortable taking the little prince out for walks in the pram, checking the 7-month-old to make sure he was tucked in snug and warm. She also apparently seemed at ease with the royal security protection that trailed her, because hi, this is a prince we’re talking about, even if he does like to chew on his toes.

There isn’t a lot of information out about this yet-unnamed mystery woman, but a few bits of information have slipped out about her.

Here are six things we know about Prince George’s new nanny.

  1. She was born in Spain: She is apparently Spanish born, but has lived in the U.K. for “a few decades.” Could this mean she’s multilingual? How very education if so!
  2. She’s being mentored by Kate’s mom: Who better to show her the ropes than George’s grandma Carole Middleton? If Mrs. Middleton is anything like my mom, I don’t want to know the conversation that took place when Kate told her that they did in fact need to hire a nanny.
  3. She’s brunette: Just like George’s mama. This is probably irrelevant, but brunette seems like a good, solid hair color for a royal nanny.
  4. She’s reported as being in her 30s: This seems like the perfect age for a great nanny -- older and wiser than a mostly immature 20-something, yet still young, fresh, and energetic. I mean, if Kate really is pregnant with those twins, there are going to be a lot of little ones to chase after.
  5. She “lives for her job”: She’s not married and doesn’t have a boyfriend. I highly doubt she’ll be showing up hung over or sneaking out early to meet a date.
  6. She was hired through connections: She has apparently “worked for other high-profile families … it was from there that the Cambridges heard of her and hired her.” Nothing like a personal recommendation, is there?

What do you want to know about Prince George’s new nanny?


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