5 Reasons Juan Pablo Is Not the Worst 'Bachelor' Ever

juan pabloIf you thought the Women Tell All special was harsh on Juan Pablo Galavis, wait until you hear this. E! News reports that it's not just his castoffs that despise him. Crew and producers apparently hate him too. According to a source, "Everyone on the show is just so over him and cannot wait for this season to be over. He's the worst Bachelor ever." Oh how the hunky have fallen. The biggest issue seems to be his anti-gay comment some weeks ago. He happened to make the gaffe during the same weekend as Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding and they worried that it overshadowed the blessed, made-for-TV event. As if anything could take attention away from the fact that the walking Ken Doll and his pick were finally gonna do it. They also took issue with him jokingly using the R-word in in a tweet. But I say poor Juan Pablo deserves a break. Check out the 5 reasons he isn't as bad as all the haters say.

  1. He's been criticized for being too honest. Is it just me or is this totally crazy. Andi Dorfman fumed over the fact that he was too straightforward. So much so, he hurt her feelings. While he should be mindful of insulting others, being truthful is a good thing. Aren't women always asking men to be more open and honest? Now the world is kicking a man when he does just that.
  2. That language barrier is real. So many of the women don't buy that he doesn't understand certain words or phrases. That just isn't fair. Some people can live here for a few years and speak near-perfect English. Others find it much more difficult. I married into a family of immigrants and I know from personal experience you can live here two decades and still have difficulties. It's just cruel not to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  3. So what if he likes to make out with a lot of girls. What guy doesn't. This is the equivalent to being a kid in the candy store. He gets to date 25 hot, eager women. Why wouldn't he want to kiss the ones he's really attracted too?
  4. Treating the mom contestants special is not wrong. Some of the women took issue with the fact that he viewed the women with children differently. But they are different. A parent (as he is) recognizes that. They are not just there to find love for themselves, but also looking for a potential father for their children. That's a big deal.
  5. Come on! Is he really the WORST Bachelor ever? What about Jake Pavelka. Vienna Girardi broke down in tears recounting the emotional abuse she withstood. And who can forget Brad Womack, who didn't pick either of his top two in the finale. Even worse, Jason Mesnick dumped the first place winner for the runner after the cameras stopped rolling. Those guys sound so much worse to me.

What do you think of Juan Pablo? Is he really as bad as they say?


Image via ABC

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