9 Celebrity Sex Tapes No One Wanted to See (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Mar 10, 2014 Celebrities
9 Celebrity Sex Tapes No One Wanted to See (PHOTOS)

verne troyerWhen you hear the phrase "celebrity sex tape," certain images quickly come to mind. You think about a pair of impossibly hot people getting in on in front of a camera - right? Unfortunately, that's not always the case. There are plenty of not-so-gorgeous stars who like to capture those intimate moments. That's perfectly fine, of course. That is until the freaky footage is released onto the masses. Take a look at the stars behind the least sexy Hollywood sex tapes of all time.


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  • Johnny Carson


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    Heeeerrrrrre's Johnny -- like you've never seen him before. A raunchy rendezvous he filmed with his wife is now being shopped around. One source said the tape life nothing at all to the imagination. 



  • Hulk Hogan


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    Perhaps if it was shot in his prime (like 20 years ago), this would have been somewhat tolerable. However, the watching the geriatric wrestler get his freak on in the 2012 tape is hard on the eyes.

  • Paris Hilton


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    The video of the hotel heiress having sex with boyfriend Rick Saloman sold like crazy when it was released on DVD. However, it's widely considered one of the worst because it was shot in the dark with night a night vision lens.

  • Chyna


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    The WWF star showed off some unexpected moves in a sex tape with then boyfriend Sean Waltman. She had reportedly transformed her body into a hulking mass of muscle by the time she filmed 1 Night In China. It's truly one of the scariest sights ever. 

  • Tonya Harding


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    Didn't think things could get worse for the disgraced figure skater? Wait until you see the sex tape her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly sold to Penthouse. They were both sloppy drunk in the footage.

  • Danielle Staub


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    The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star sunk to a new low when she taped this smash fest.

  • Dustin Diamond


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    It was Screech gone wild in a 2006 video that showed some seriously nasty sex play. The Saved By the Bell star performed something called a Dirty Sanchez. Ugh. So gross. If you don't know, Google it.

  • Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me)


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    The Austin Powers star got busy with an average-sized woman in this surprising sex-a-thon. It was reportedly leaked by a girlfriend who was trying to make a quick buck. Troyer filed suit to stop it, but clips made their way to the web.

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