Kendall Jenner's Mystery Man Might Heal Her Harry Styles Heartbreak (PHOTO)

Kendall JennerDoes Kendall Jenner have a new man? She recently posted an Instagram photo of herself on the back of a Vespa with a dark-haired mystery man and the caption: "now dad, I know you told me never to get on the back of a motorcycle with someone, but a Vespa's ok right? #oops." And she's flashing the peace sign. But friends say that she is still mourning her break-up with Harry Styles.


A source told HollywoodLife:

Kendall is absolutely crushed that Harry ended their relationship. She's heartbroken and leaning on her sisters for support. She didn't think she'd fall so hard for him the first place. She wanted to take their relationship to the next level and he basically said he couldn't give her what she wanted and he didn't want to hurt her.

Oh, yikes, wasn't it Brody Jenner who said that it would be Kendall who would break Harry's heart? But I'm beginning to think that's impossible since Harry just might be heartless. Orrrr, ya know, he might just be a young, horny rock star who wants to hump all of humanity before he settles down. Food for thought.

No word on who the Vespa guy is, but he's cute. A little older than Kendall though. I'm thinking there's nothing going on there. But Kendall might want Harry to think there is!

By the way, cute blue helmet, Kendall!

Do you think Kendall has a new love?

Image via Instagram

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