Bruce Jenner Might Be Confiding in Someone Strange About His 'Sex Change'

Bruce JennerWhether or not you believe that Bruce Jenner may or may not be on the road to gender reassignment surgery (a fancy way of saying he's becoming a woman) the fact is that his looks have changed a whole lot in the past year or so. He's supposedly had a tracheal shave (photos revealed he definitely had something done to his neck). He wears a French manicure. He grew his hair long and prefers it in a ponytail. He tweezes his brows. Some even whisper that he may be having hormone shots since he seems to be sporting a bit of an A-cup these days. But Bruce has denied all the rumors -- in public anyway. But there's one person, in private, that Bruce may be opening up to. And it's someone you wouldn't expect.


Celebrity Dirty Laundry posits that since both Bruce and Lamar have escaped from the "cult" of the Kardashians, they've bonded over their newfound freedom -- as well as Bruce's genderbending.

This would make total sense, right? I can just see these two meeting up at a Starbucks in West Hollywood to talk about the latest in penectomies. Hey, these two weren't too fond of each other when Lamar was married to Khloe, so I'd be mighty surprised if they're now swapping stories about hormone therapy and breast implants. C'mon, people.

In fact, given the get-up Bruce stepped out in the other way, I'm beginning to wonder if this whole gender reassignment thing is way off base. Bruce has got his old man pants pulled up practically to his chin. So unchic. I don't think any tranny would be caught dead in that golf gear.

But if these rumors ARE true, I say these two need a reality show, asap! Bruce and Lammy could be the new Odd Couple.

Do you think Bruce and Lamar are swapping sex surgery stories?


Image via RevolutionPix, PacificCoastNews

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