Prince George Goes Out for a Stroll While Mom Kate Middleton Is Away

Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamKate Middleton has received some scathing criticism for leaving little Prince George all alone while she and Prince William enjoy some away time in the Maldives. Like she abandoned her baby! C'mon, people. Prince George is in the best of hands. Not only is he being watched by Kate's parents, and no doubt a bazillion undercover James Bond types, but he's got his own new nanny! And word has it they are getting along splendidly.


The Daily Star reports that George and the nanny were spotted strolling in London's Hyde Park and that George seemed to be taking the separation from Mummy with the typical British stiff upper lip. Says a source:

Every now and then the nanny stopped to check on the baby and make sure he was wrapped up warm in the chilly weather. There was a personal protection officer with her as they walked, with more following them, and there were police cars patrolling the park.

Um, see, folks? He's not dying.

The new nanny is reportedly being trained by Kate's mum Carole Middleton as well as Prince William's childhood nanny, Jessie Webb. If anything, I kind of feel sorry for the nanny, not George. Can you imagine if something happened to him?! OMG, I'd enter the Witness Protection Program -- if they have that in Old Blimey.

So all you sanctimommies, get a grip! Husband and wife need to have some alone time occasionally. Baby wants happy parents. All is cool.

Do you think George is good with the nanny?


Image via AFP/Getty

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